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Radiators for air source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps have gained popularity as a sustainable solution for heating homes. These systems extract heat from the outdoor air and transfer it indoors, providing effective heating during colder months, despite some assuming they have many disadvantages.

To fully harness the benefits of a heat pump, it’s crucial to consider the compatibility of the heating distribution system, including radiators for air source heat pumps.

In this handy guide to air source heat pump radiators, we’ll go through everything you need to know, including why your radiators may need changing, the benefits of using suitable radiators, and how they work with the heat pump.

Can I use existing radiators with an air source heat pump?

Yes, existing radiators can be used with an air source heat pump. To get the best out of your air source heat pump, installing new and bigger radiators is generally advised. Alternatively, opting for underfloor heating is a very popular option for extra efficiencies.

Unlike a gas boiler, air source heat pumps take a slower and more steady approach to heating your home. They take longer to heat up and operate at a lower temperature. Instead of allowing the temperature to go up and down (as you would with a gas boiler), heat pumps are on for longer periods.

This offers you a steady and comfortable temperature throughout the day in your home. Systems with a larger surface area will distribute heat more evenly and efficiently, which is why underfloor heating or new radiators are sometimes advised.

If you’re not sure if you need new radiators for a heat pump, our qualified heat pump installers will advise you. At Heat From Air, our free site surveys help you assess your home, and current radiators, look at the heat pump sizing needed and go over the installation process. If you need to replace your radiators, your heat pump installer will recommend the type of radiators designed for heat pumps.


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Benefits of radiators for air source heat pumps.

Radiators designed for air source heat pumps are specifically designed to operate at lower water temperatures. They match the heat output of the heat pump and will ensure efficient heat distribution throughout the home, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower heating bills. Plus, the added bonus of aesthetics. Modern day radiators for heat pumps not only operate at a high level but can fit in modern décor.

Radiators for air source heat pumps

How do radiators for air source heat pumps work?

Radiators designed for air source heat pumps have:

Larger surface areas: the larger surface areas allow for greater heat distribution at lower water temperatures, resulting in more efficient heat transfer throughout the room.

Advanced heat exchangers: these radiators incorporate high-performance heat exchangers that maximise the heat exchange between the circulating water and the surrounding air. This design ensures efficient heat transfer and effective heat distribution.

Optimised controls: compatible radiators for heat pumps often come with integrated thermostatic controls or can be easily integrated into existing smart home systems. This flexibility allows for precise temperature regulation and enhanced comfort.

What are the best radiators to work with heat pumps?

Most radiators will work with heat pumps, though some are better than others. The size of the radiators used is important to how well they will heat your home. The bigger your radiators are, the better job they’ll do to heat your home.

The quality of the radiators is also a factor to consider, as they’ll last and perform better. So, when it comes to the best radiators for a heat pump, aluminium radiators are generally the best material to go for.

Radiators for air source heat pumps (or any heating system) are a crucial component. By switching to air source heat pump compatible radiators, you’re optimising the efficiency of your heat pump, enhancing comfort within your living spaces, and contributing to a greener future. Our heat pump installers will always ensure that the correct sizing and installation of radiators for your air source system are given.

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