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Huge boost for heat pumps with extra £1.5bn funding.

Families, business, and industry to get energy efficiency support from the UK government.

Around a million homes will be made warmer and hundreds of businesses supported, as £6bn is allocated to cut energy use and bills.

The outlines of the press release.

In a brand-new press release (December 18th 2023), the Government have announced some improvements their energy efficiency plans.

  • Around a million homes will be made warmer, with £6bn allocated to cut energy use and bills.
  • Targeted support for 200,000 low income, cold and social homes, as government backs families to reach net zero.
  • Extra £1.5bn for Boiler Upgrade Scheme, after success of £7,500 uplift to heat pump grants

Around a million families and hundreds of businesses will be helped to cut their energy use, backed by £6bn, as part of the new approach to net zero that will save on costs for the public.  

Families will benefit from a range of options to heat their home for less and reduce emissions through energy efficiency measures, such as insulation for around 500,000 homes and hundreds of thousands more grants for heat pumps. 

The Prime Minister’s 50 per cent increase in the heat pump grant to £7,500 has already led to a 57 per cent increase in applications. After the success of this scheme, an additional £1.5bn of funding will ensure more homes and businesses can install heat pumps, helping people transition easily to the modern, clean heating systems needed to become a net zero nation. 

Heat pump funding

Our thoughts on this.

Heat From Air has welcomed the announcement of an additional £1.5bn in funding for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to help households switch from fossil fuel boilers to heat pumps.

Heat From Air Director, Mike Dewey said: “This additional funding is hugely welcome and supports our vision to get more Government support for the transition to heat pumps. We know that heat pumps are a viable option for decarbonising domestic properties at a large scale, and more people than ever before are installing them in their homes as seen from the uptake in grants over the recent months.”

“Although this funding is hugely beneficial, the additional £1.5bn announced today will only help to fund an additional 200,000 heat pump installations over four years, when the Government’s own target is to be installing 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028..”

“As welcome as this new funding is, we all know that the need for even more financial support for homeowners, as well as mass promotion of the grants available is crucial if we are to meet targets for heat pump installations and get homes off gas at the pace that is needed.”

Details of the Government announcement.

The full press release and more details on this can be found on the Government website below!


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