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Do I Need a Hot Water Cylinder With My Air Source Heat Pump?


As more people strive to adopt sustainable and energy-efficient heating solutions, air source heat pumps (ASHPs) have gained massive popularity due to their savvy eco-friendly capabilities and reliability.

These innovative devices harness the ambient heat from the air and convert it into usable warmth for residential spaces. One question that frequently arises is whether an air source heat pump requires a hot water cylinder.

In this article, we will explore the role of hot water cylinders in conjunction with air source heat pumps to help you understand if you need one for your heating system.

Understanding Air Source Heat Pumps..

Air source heat pumps are highly efficient heating systems that extract heat from the air outside your home and transfer it indoors for space heating. They work similarly to refrigerators but in reverse. By utilising the principles of thermodynamics, heat pumps can generate heat even in colder climates and there has never been a better time to install one than right now!

The Role of Hot Water Cylinders..

Hot water cylinders, also known as hot water storage tanks or water heaters, are responsible for storing and supplying domestic hot water for various household needs.

Traditionally, they have been an essential component of central heating systems that rely on boilers fuelled by gas, oil, or electricity.

The Need for a Hot Water Cylinder..

Whether or not you need a hot water cylinder with an air source heat pump depends on the specific model and setup you choose. Generally, there are two types of ASHP systems.

ASHPs with Integrated Water Heating:

Some air source heat pumps are designed with integrated water heating capabilities. These models feature a built-in heat exchanger that allows them to provide both space heating and domestic hot water. In such cases, a separate hot water cylinder is not required, as the ASHP itself can heat the water directly. These systems are called air-to-water systems.

ASHPs without Integrated Water Heating:

Other ASHP models focus solely on space heating and do not have an integrated water heating function. In these cases, a hot water cylinder is necessary to store and distribute the domestic hot water. The air source heat pump will provide heat for space heating, but a separate system, such as a coil within the cylinder or an immersion heater, will be required to heat the water. These systems are called air-to-air systems.


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Considerations for Choosing the Right System..

When deciding on the appropriate air source heat pump system for your needs, consider the following factors:

Space Heating Requirements: If your primary goal is to achieve efficient space heating, an ASHP without integrated water heating may be suitable. You can combine it with a hot water cylinder to meet your domestic hot water needs.

Budget and Convenience: ASHPs with integrated water heating offer the convenience of a single system for both space heating and hot water supply. However, they tend to be pricier compared to systems without integrated water heating. Consider your budget and preferences when making a decision.

Retrofitting Possibilities: If you already have a separate hot water cylinder in place, it may be more cost-effective to choose an ASHP that can integrate with your existing setup. Retrofitting an ASHP with a cylinder can be simpler and more economical than replacing the entire system.

Make sure you find out whether air source heat pumps can work effectively in old houses.

Installation Process..

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs):

  • Typically involve mounting the outdoor unit and connecting it to the indoor unit through refrigerant lines.
  • Can be completed relatively quickly and with minimal disruption.

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs):

  • Involve excavation for ground loop installation or vertical boreholes.
  • The lengthier installation process requires professional expertise.

Our Final Thoughts..

The necessity of a hot water cylinder with an air source heat pump depends on the specific model and its capabilities. ASHPs with integrated water heating can provide both space heating and domestic hot water without the need for a separate cylinder. However, ASHPs without integrated water heating will require a hot water cylinder to store and distribute the domestic hot water.

Consider your space heating requirements, budget, and existing infrastructure when choosing the right system for your home.

Once you have taken your circumstances into account and have decided which type of air source heat pump is best suited to your home, it is time to get installation quotes from professional engineers to see how much this will all cost.

This is something we can help with. Make sure you get in touch and speak to a specialist from Heat From Air and arrange your FREE site survey. We will provide you with all the information specifically for your property with heat calculations and much more!

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