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The Top 5 Heat Pump Myths, Debunked!

Heat Pumps are the ace up the sleeve in plans for the UK to reach net zero by 2050. Initial take-up has been slower than anticipated but with a ban on gas boilers in new build homes from 2035, the government target of installing 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028 could still be in reach.

The blame for the slow roll-out can be attributed to many different factors, lack of incentive, expensive to buy, coupled with impressive and intensive lobbying by the gas industry. The spread of misinformation trying to quell the rollout has been rife in the media in recent months.

With many myths making the rounds on the internet, it’s important to set the facts straight and get the truth out there!

Here are the top 5 heat pump myths that we’ve debunked..

MYTH: It’s too cold for Heat Pumps to work in winter.

In the vast space filled with heat pump myths, one of the big ones; claiming that heat pumps do not work in cold climates/winter, is easy to disprove.

The leaders in heat pump usage across Europe are actually in Sweden and Norway, countries that typically reach -5 degrees in winter on average.

One in four people own heat pumps in Scandinavia, despite calls that the cold would render them useless. In the UK, the average winter temperature is between 2-7 degrees.

Further testing has shown that heat pumps can continue to work effectively in temperatures as low as -25 degrees!


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MYTH: Heat Pumps are noisy.

It’s understandable to be concerned about noise levels when installing any new appliance, whether worry over disturbing the neighbours or interrupting personal peace and quiet, it’s not something that is ideal.

Heat pumps do emit some noise, usually about the same as the standard fridge or dishwasher. It’s good to know that when installing a new heat pump, there is volume legislation to comply with and this sits at 42 decibels, around the same level of noise as a library. Many gas boilers which sit inside the home reach levels of 60 decibels!

MYTH: Heat pumps aren’t suitable for most homes.

This myth is one of the big ones. The bulk of misinformation has been around suitability and false claims heat pumps will leave consumers worse off.

This isn’t true.

The first major survey of heat pump users found 81% of households were as satisfied or more satisfied compared with their previous heating systems, including gas boilers and oil systems. Two-thirds were satisfied without energy efficiency upgrades.

With every enquiry, Heat From Air will offer a free heating survey, advising and ensuring that the correct products are installed in the home and to make sure you are kept in the loop with all of our plans! To find out more information on whether your home is ready for a heat pump, check out our handy guide!

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MYTH: Heat Pumps don’t work if my home isn’t well-insulated.

While it’s true that if your home is highly insulated, a heat pump will perform to a higher standard, this is no different to any form of heating, the less heat that can escape the more efficiently the home will be heated.

According to a recent survey, satisfaction levels of those in Victorian or older properties, usually those with less insulation were at 83%, which appears to contradict concerns that heat pumps are only effective in modern buildings or those that have undergone extensive energy efficiency upgrades.

5 heat pump myths

MYTH: Heat Pumps are too expensive.

Air Source Heat Pumps do have an upfront cost that causes question marks to fly on whether or not to install one. The initial outlay can reach up to £15,000.

As with new technology, these prices will dip in time and it’s important to note any upfront cost.

Remember to be aware of the various government schemes or company offers that are increasingly commonplace such as the UK government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which is running until 2028 and offers £7,500 of the cost of an Air Source Heat Pump.

After installing a new heat pump, the lifetime savings are expected to be considerable compared to sticking with a gas boiler. Combined with minimal maintenance costs and a potential lifespan of 10 years longer than a traditional boiler, the ability to recoup the costs is available.

If you’re unsure on anything we have mentioned here or you have some questions you want to ask our specialists regarding heat pump myths, be sure to get in touch!

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